Ghost B.C.- Infestissumam

Ghost B.C.- Infestissumam

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Label: Universal

Released 2013

A band rife with contradictions, Sweden's GHOST preach extreme Satanic viewpoints over surprisingly lightweight heavy metal, and its members maintain a strict vow of anonymity, both on record and on-stage, where they obscure themselves under monks' cowls, except for their lead singer, whose skull-faced makeup, cardinal robes, miter and thurible reflect an anti-Pope, instead. As a result, the band's rare concerts come across like an occult ritual, and their 2010 debut album, Opus Eponymous, totally defied expectations with its surprisingly accessible melodic rock sound, reminiscent of '60s psychedelia, ‘70s doom, and ‘80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Just how long GHOST’s musicians will manage to keep their identities secret as their notoriety grows remains to be seen, but that only touches the surface of the band's multi-layered enigma. While their identities were still cloaked in mystery, the band released their highly anticipated second record, Infestissumam, in 2013.

Track Listing:

  1. Infestissumam 1:42
  2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi 4:09
  3. Secular Haze 5:09
  4. Jigolo Har Megiddo 3:58
  5. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen 7:29
  6. Year Zero 5:50
  7. Body And Blood 3:43
  8. Idolatrine 4:23
  9. Depth Of Satan's Eyes 5:25
  10. Monstrance Clock 5:53