Gideon- More Power, More Pain.

Gideon- More Power, More Pain.

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Label: Equal Vision

Released 2023

2023 release from Alabama metalcore warriors Gideon. Beards. Boots. Breakdowns. And a 10-gallon hat. It's a Southern-fried beatdown destined to ignite mosh pits from coast to coast, thanks to the thunderously chunky breakdowns with extra grit and girth. Overall, the song is a pummeling blast of vicious, metal-tinged hardcore, all acerbic guitars and chugging riffs over which McWhorter viciously spits, "Nothing was given to me / That shit was earned / The hard way." It's a line that sums up not just the song, but also much of the album as well-and the underlying positivity that underpins all of it. "We're done holding our tongues," says Riley about the track. DeRusha weighs in about the album as a whole, saying, "This record is every side of Gideon forged into one. The title says it all - More Power. More Pain." Indeed, that song is just the start of the band's next chapter. A self-empowering call to arms, it continues -much like the rest of the record- to redefine who and what and why Gideon are. The result is the most uncompromising reason for their existence to date.

Track listing:

  1. Hell For A Man
  2. Locked Out Of Heaven
  3. Push It Back
  4. Too Much Is Never Enough
  5. More Power. More Pain.
  6. Take Off
  7. Damned If I Do (Damned If I Don't) 
  8. If You Love Me, Let Me Go
  9. Off The Rails
  10. The Final Nail
  11. Midnight Blue 
  12. I Will Carry You
  13. Back 2 Basics
  14. Let 'Er Fly