Girl Talk- Feed The Animals

Girl Talk- Feed The Animals

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Label: Illegal Art

Released 2008

By now it seems the world is familiar with Greg Gillis, the party starting sample genius behind the GIRL TALK name, but with Feed The Animals he'll take that notoriety even higher. Utilizing over 300 samples, Gillis' latest pits everyone from BEYONCE, RICK ASTLEY, NINE INCH NAILS and YO LA TENGO to RADIOHEAD and JAY Z against one another in a pop smash that's more than just a spot the sample party game. This is the next level of DJing and GIRL TALK is leading the revolution.

Track listing:

  1. Play Your Part (Pt. 1) 
  2. Shut The Club Down 
  3. Still Here 
  4. What It's All About 
  5. Set It Off 
  6. No Pause
  7. Like This 
  8. Give Me A Beat 
  9. Hands In The Air
  10. In Step 
  11. Let Me See You 
  12. Here's The Thing
  13. Don't Stop
  14. Play Your Part (Pt. 2)