Gold-Bears- Dalliance

Gold-Bears- Dalliance

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Label: Slumberland

Released 2014

Gold-Bears' second full-length, "Dalliance," is a record about regret. It reminds you of that time you lied to your friend when you said you were too busy to hang out, but instead went to the bar alone. Or when you sent that really shitty email to your brother about something that really has no bearing anymore, because you were too caught up in the moment to think clearly. It also reminds you of the time you got divorced... from whatever or whomever.

Track listing:

  1. Yeah, Tonight
  2. Chest
  3. Death with Drums
  4. I Hope They're Right
  5. Memo
  6. From Tallahassee to Gainesville
  7. Punk Song No. 15
  8. Hey Sophie
  9. For You
  10. Her Fears
  11. Fathers and Daughters