Grain- We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995

Grain- We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995

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Label: Solid Brass

Reissued 8/18/2023

For fans of Hoover, Fugazi, Jawbreaker and Indian Summer, "We’ll Hide Away" is a complete discography of Cleveland Ohio’s unsung post-hardcore heroes. Grain typified the sound of Rust Belt youth in the mid 90s. With slow builds, fast/slow time signatures, dissonant guitar work with melodic, catchy undercurrents, and just enough breakdowns to keep the hardcore purists happy, these recordings are simultaneously angry, urgent and beautiful. Remastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering in Los Angeles.

Track listing:

  1. Nine Lives To Rigel Five
  2. Penny, Things Won't
  3. Dead Center
  4. The Red Baron
  5. The Letter
  6. Shark Pretty
  7. Metal And Glass Exact
  8. Selfish Again
  9. Too Late For Tears
  10. 37th Day