Great Value Jesus- Is Propaganda Art?

Great Value Jesus- Is Propaganda Art?

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Label: Great Value Jesus

Released 7/8/2022

Great Value Jesus was formed in the summer of 2019 by singer-songwriter Noah Renken-Kapatos and marked by the July 15 release of Bong Rips for Jesus; an experience that melts punk, folk, and psychedelic rock together for an unforgettable listening experience. In the summer of 2021, Renken-Kapatos formed a live line-up that includes bassist Doug Cook and drummer Nick Saathoff. Renken-Kapatos, Saathoff, and Cook embarked on writing a full-length record together, released on June 10th, 2022. Is Propaganda Art? is comprised of 13 songs, clocking in at roughly 46 minutes. These songs explore the idea that life itself is but an illusion. 

Track listing:

  1. Blush
  2. Flamethrower Mind
  3. Electric Coyote Man
  4. James Bond
  5. He's Going Nowhere Fast
  6. Mindless Complexities
  7. Dear God
  8. Breakdown 43
  9. Villianous
  10. Tipsy
  11. Tea
  12. Breaking Lies
  13. Gen Z the Great Society