Grizfolk- The Rarest Of Birds

Grizfolk- The Rarest Of Birds

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Label: Nettwerk

Released 8/9/19

Listening to Rarest of Birds should feel a bit like looking through a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments...a glimpse into our yearning for truth and answers within and without. Written in some of the darkest times, it was a vehicle out of addiction and depression. It was a one - way ticket out of a personal hell, purchased by the heart and paid for with love, light, and dedication."

Track Listing:

  1. Heavy Crown
  2. Spoonful
  3. Black Magic
  4. Mercy
  5. Believing
  6. Carmen Sandiego
  7. Shaky in the Knees
  8. Daylight
  9. Pretty Penny
  10. Interlude
  11. Hurricane
  12. Rarest of Birds