Guided By Voices- August By Cake

Guided By Voices- August By Cake

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Label: Guided By Voices

Released 2017

2017 release. Guided by Voices' August By Cake is the one hundredth studio album that Robert Pollard has released since 1986's Forever Since Breakfast. To put that in perspective, Bob Dylan has released roughly thirty nine studio albums since 1959. And that includes the Traveling Wilburys. This is a highly anticipated record, which includes the new line-up (returning GBV veterans Doug Gillard and Kevin March, virgins Bobby Bare Jr and Mark Shue) that has been wowing audience in clubs and festivals throughout 2016. It's the most musically adept and versatile line-up Pollard has ever assembled. With thirty two songs, this album is also GBV's first ever double album, and song contributions from all five band members is additional icing on the cake, setting album #100 apart from the previous 99. The double album is an important format in Pollard's own musical iconography, and he doesn't take the form lightly - one reason he's planned and abandoned several would-be GBV double albums in the past is his high regard for foundational works like Quadrophenia, the White Album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Daydream Nation, Zen Arcade, Double Nickels On the Dime - "defining records for these bands," says Pollard. It's important to him that August By Cake not just be a double album but that it be a great one

Track Listing:

  1. 5º On The Inside 2:29
  2. Generox Gray® 1:58
  3. When We All Hold Hands At The End Of The World 2:02
  4. Goodbye Note 2:51
  5. We Liken The Sun 2:09
  6. Fever Pitch 1:01
  7. Absent The Man 1:36
  8. Packing The Dead Zone 2:51
  9. What Begins On New Year's Day 1:59
  10. Overloaded 3:32
  11. Keep Me Down 2:33
  12. West Coast Company Man 1:55
  13. Warm Up To Religion 1:52
  14. High Five Hall Of Famers 2:08
  15. Sudden Fiction 2:41
  16. Hiking Skin 1:56
  17. It's Food 2:52
  18. Cheap Buttons 2:12
  19. Substitute 11 2:31
  20. Chew The Sand 3:44
  21. Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean 1:59
  22. The Laughing Closet 1:32
  23. Deflect/Project 2:33
  24. Upon The Circus Bus 2:20
  25. Try It Out (It's Nothing) 1:47
  26. Sentimental Wars 2:48
  27. Circus Day Hold Out 2:02
  28. Whole Tomatoes 1:12
  29. Amusement Park Is Over 2:18
  30. Golden Doors 3:08
  31. The Possible Edge 2:01
  32. Escape To Phoenix 2:06