Guided By Voices- Crystal Nuns Cathedral

Guided By Voices- Crystal Nuns Cathedral

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Label: Guided By Voices, Inc.

Released 3/4/2022

"The mighty Guided By Voices are set to unleash upon the world their 35th and quite possibly... best album, Crystal Nuns Cathedral. How do they do it you might ask? Well, we have no idea how they do it, but we certainly do know why they do it. They do it because, quite honestly, we need them to do it. The world needs The Rock, and we need loud guitars, we need anthemic songs, we need a reason to raise a rock fist in the air and give a 'Hell Yeah'! On Crystal Nuns Cathedral, the band delivers all of this and so much more. Just four months since It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them!, comes this latest, twelve songs determined to challenge for the title of greatest Guided by Voices album of all-time. Hyperbole you say? Not this time. The guitars are bigger, the arrangements are more ambitious, the songs are uplifting, epic, and as incredibly hook-laden as always! Pure power pop perfection like lead single 'Excited Ones' mix perfectly with the slow burning 'Climbing A Ramp,' which reaches its climax on a stunning guitar lead before dissolving into the fist pumping anthem 'Never Mind the List,' which serves as the beating heart of the entire album. Do you still need convincing? Listen to the one-two punch of 'Forced to Sea' and 'Huddled' and marvel at the epic scope and vision of an incredible band on full display. This record is a statement, a challenge, a monument, a call to arms. Top this one if you can, this is the new benchmark. Who will best it? Who will try? Listen to Crystal Nuns Cathedral, and report back to us. We will be eagerly waiting."

Track listing:

  1. Eye City
  2. Re-Develop
  3. Climbing a Ramp
  4. Never Mind the List
  5. Birds in the Pipe
  6. Come North Together
  7. Forced to Sea
  8. Huddled
  9. Excited Ones
  10. Eyes of Your Doctor
  11. Mad River Man
  12. Crystal Nuns Cathedral