Harold Budd- The White Arcade

Harold Budd- The White Arcade

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Label: All Saints

Reissued 10/13/2023, Originally released 1988

First time vinyl repress of a classic Harold Budd album originally released in 1988. Partly recorded at the Cocteau Twins studio with production help from Robin Guthrie and Brian Eno, the album’s effortless blend of glistening synths, limpid piano notes, foggy textures and space result in a beautiful contemplative whole. “Although its aura is ethereal and unworldly, Budd's music is actually an exemplary form of humanly useful music. When the mundane urgencies of life, or the nonsense of our political culture, get you frazzled, which is pretty much every day these days, you can put on this music and imbibe its stillness and grace. His records are exactly the kind of music you'd play for calm and solace during a bereavement — or at a service sending someone to their final resting place. Harold Budd sounds like heaven on earth.” Simon Reynolds

Track listing:

  1. The White Arcades
  2. Balthus Bemused By Color
  3. The Child With A Lion
  4. The Real Dream Of Sails
  5. Algebra Of Darkness
  6. Totems Of The Red-Sleeved Warrior
  7. The Room
  8. Coyote
  9. The Kiss