Hawkwind- Spacehawks

Hawkwind- Spacehawks

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Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl/ PHD

Released 2010

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the 29th studio album from the legendary British Space Rock pioneers. Spacehawks is a collection of 14 tracks ranging from the re-imagining of classic hits like "Sunship" and "Season" to brand new, previously unheard tracks like "Lonely Moon." Band leader Dave Brock (recovering from illness) is the recent recipient of Progressive music's coveted Lifetime achievement award; firmly cementing him and Hawkwind as two of Britain's greatest mind-blowing musical exports. Also includes "The Chumps Are Jumping", "It's All Lies", "Masters Of The Universe", "Oh Dear", "Sonic Attack", "We Took The Wrong Step", "Assault", "Sacrosanct" and more.

Track Listing:

  1. Seasons
  2. Assault & Battery/ Golden Void/ Where Are They Now?
  3. Sonic Attack
  4. Demented Man
  5. We Two Are One
  6. We Took the Wrong Step
  7. Master of the Universe
  8. Sacrosanct
  9. Sentinel
  10. It's All Lies
  11. Touch
  12. The Chumps Are Jumping
  13. Lonely Moon
  14. Sunship