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Health- Disco3

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Label: Loma Vista

Released 6/23/17

Los Angeles noise rock band HEALTH have released their third remix album. Aptly titled DISCO3, it features reinterpretations of tracks from their 2015 album, Death Magic. The tracklist includes remixes from the likes of PURITY RING, PREOCCUPATIONS, XIU XIU, VESSEL and more, along with three new songs “because every remix records needs bangers,” HEALTH’s Jake Duzsik said in a statement.

Track Listing:

  1. Euphoria
  2. Men Tomorrow (Preoccupations Rmx)
  3. Slum Lord
  4. Crusher
  5. Courtship II (Roly Porter Rmx)
  6. Salvia (Marcus Whale Rmx)
  7. Victim II B3 Victim (Born In Flamez Rmx)
  8. Dark Enough (Vessel Rmx)
  9. Life (Purity Ring Rmx)
  10. L.A. Looks (Guardian RMX)
  11. Dark Enough (CFCF RMX)
  12. Life (Phantoms RMX)
  13. Stonefist (Boys Noize X Empress Of Rmx)
  14. Men Today (JK Flesh RMX)
  15. Stonefist (Charge It To Tha Game Rmx)
  16. Flesh World (UK) (Xiu Xiu RMX)
  17. Drugs Exist (Pictureplane Rmx)