Hella- Hold Your Horse Is

Hella- Hold Your Horse Is

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Label: 5 Rue Christine

Released 2002

HELLA is two kids from Sacramento, drums and guitar--technically profound yet aesthetically simple. Incomparable live performances, taking the nation by storm. Compare to LIGHTNING BOLT, The OXES, PINK & BROWN, FRANK ZAPPA, The ENTS, old MEAT PUPPETS, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, PRIMUS, but not so pretensious and more down to earth than all those bands.

Track listing:

  1. The D.Elkan
  2. Biblical Violence
  3. Been A Long Time Cousin
  4. Republic Of Rough And Ready
  5. 1-800-Ghost-Dance
  6. Brown Metal
  7. Cafeteria Bananas
  8. City Folk Sitting, Sitting
  9. Better Get A Broom!