Hifi Sean- Ft. Excursions

Hifi Sean- Ft. Excursions

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Label: Plastique Recordings

Released 4/22/17


An 'Excursions' (versions) of the album 'Ft.' by Hifi Sean featuring artists like Bootsy Collins (Funkadelic) , Yoko Ono , Crystal Waters , Alan Vega (Suicide) , Little Annie , Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) , all taken on excursions by producers like Yam Who? (Midnight Riot) , Severino (Horse Meat Disco) , Jackie House (Honey Sound System) , Ray Mang , In Flagranti & Le Mongrel , all on white vinyl with the original artwork put into negative to sit nicely next to the original release . This also contains the last recording made by Suicide main man Alan Vega before he passed away end of last year and also the only new recording of a vocal that Yoko Ono has made in the last ten years.

Track Listing:

  1. Monday Morning Sunshine (Sunset Dub) 5:02
  2. Atomium (Ray Mang & Severino Dub) 7:28
  3. Like Josephine Baker (Omnichord Excursion) 4:05
  4. 18th (Azaxx Late Night Reprise) 5:13
  5. Testify (In Flagranti Replay) 4:50
  6. In Love With Life (Yam Who? Re-Work) 5:57
  7. A Kiss Before Dying (Jackie House Bullets Workout) 5:14
  8. You're Just Another Song (Le Mongrel Midnight Trip) 4:16