Hollywood Burns- The Age If The Saucers

Hollywood Burns- The Age If The Saucers

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Label: Blood Music

Released 11/12/2021

Synthwave's MOST UNIQUE VOICE returns to inject VENOM into the genre's repetitive slumber! Continuing where “Invaders” left off, intergalactic intruders have gleefully decimated our planet. CHAOS reigns supreme! A small faction of humans have escaped the terror in the sky – navigating a bloodstained, post-apocalyptic wasteland. We enter the POV of the humans – foraging for sustenance in a crumbling landscape, weakened by the brutality of war. But the evil alien forces return … to finish the job. Perfectly melding the spirit of 1950s radio dramas and classic sci-fi films with 80s electro, 70s funk and disco, and wrapping the entire package in astounding orchestral arrangements; Hollywood Burns is a fresh force within the electronic scene.

Track listing:

  1. Once Upon A Time (In Hell)
  2. The Age Of The Saucers
  3. Abomination From Planet X
  4. A Moment Of Bliss
  5. Saturday Night Screamer
  6. Fallen Haven
  7. Silent Fortress (ft. Volkor X)
  8. Fear In The Eye Of The Tyrant
  9. Skylords
  10. The Heist Of Area 51