Homeboy Sandman- There In Spirit

Homeboy Sandman- There In Spirit

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Label: Mello Music

Released 3/25/2022

Homeboy Sandman has announced his new album There In Spirit on Mello Music Group. The Illingsworth-produced EP is scheduled for release on February 25th. Along with the announcement, Homeboy Sandman unveils the project’s first single, “Keep That Same Energy,” a gritty track about incessant fakery. Illingsworth’s production is bright and theatrical, setting a scene for Homeboy Sandman’s charismatic delivery as he encourages everyone to be themselves.

Track listing:

  1. Something Fly
  2. Keep That Same Energy
  3. Voices (Alright)
  4. Stand Up
  5. The Only Constant
  6. Feels So Good To Cry
  7. Epiphany