Human Switchboard- Who's Landing In My Hangar?

Human Switchboard- Who's Landing In My Hangar?

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Label: Fat Possum

Reissued 2019, originally released 1981

As part of the first generation of indie-rockers HUMAN SWITCHBOARD were transplants from Ohio that found their way into the NYC club scene of the early 1980s. Inspired by the writing of the VELVET UNDERGROUND, Bob Pfeifer, Myrna Marcarian and Ron Metz along with an endless slew of bass players worked up a great batch of edgy post punk rockers with battling boy/girl vocals before imploding. This collection documents the HUMAN SWITCHBOARD's integral contribution to the history of alternative music.

Track Listing:

  1. (Say No To) Saturday's Girl 3:10
  2. Who's Landing In My Hangar? 2:35
  3. In This Town 3:10
  4. No Heart 3:09
  5. Refrigerator Door 7:30
  6. I Can Walk Alone 2:59
  7. (I Used To) Believe In You 3:55
  8. Don't Follow Me Home 4:33
  9. Book On Looks 2:34 
  10. Where The Light Breaks 3:50