I Prevail- Post Traumatic

I Prevail- Post Traumatic

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Label: Fearless

Released 11/6/20

‘POST TRAUMATIC’ is a compilation of the Grammy nominated album ‘TRAUMA’ recorded live from over a dozen live shows, genre crossing collaborations including the wildly streamed “Feel Something “ & “DOA feat. Joyner Lucas,” and stripped-down ballads recorded in isolation in 2020 like “Every Time You Leave (Live Acoustic).”

Track Listing:

  1. Bow Down
  2. Paranoid
  3. Every Time You Leave
  4. Rise Above It
  5. Breaking Down
  6. Doa
  7. Gasoline
  8. Hurricane
  9. Let Me Be Sad
  10. Low
  11. Goodbye
  12. Deadweight
  13. I Don't Belong Here
  14. Feel Something
  15. Doa
  16. Hurricane
  17. Every Time You Leave