Ice-T- Rhyme Pays

Ice-T- Rhyme Pays

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Label: Rhino/ Warner Bros.

Reissued 10/7/14

LP reissue of his 1987 debut album. As a musician, Ice-T played a major role in the creation of the gangsta incarnation of hip-hop music and was a colossus of the West Coast hip-hop scene, despite his East Coast, greater New York, origins. Though his music displays a political consciousness, like the indictments of racism that were a hallmark of seminal hip-hop group Public Enemy, it also is nihilistic as befits a chronicler of street life. The charismatic Ice-T has also achieved success as an actor in movies and on TV. He plays Detective Odafin Tutuola on the TV seriesLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro/Rhyme Pays - By Ice T
  2. 6 'N the Mornin' - By Ice T
  3. Make It Funky - By Ice T
  4. Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy) - By Ice T
  5. 409 - By Ice T
  6. I Love Ladies - By Ice T
  7. Sex - By Ice T
  8. Pain - By Ice T
  9. Squeeze the Trigger - By Ice T