Ike Quebec- Blue And Sentimental

Ike Quebec- Blue And Sentimental

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Label: DOL

Reissued 2013, originally released 1962

This is without doubt Ike Quebec's Blue Note masterpiece. The result of a 1961 recording date featuring a superb quartet including guitarist Grant Green, bass man Paul Chambers, and master drummer Philly Joe Jones. Mood and atmosphere seem to be the key words for the most of Quebec's music, while Blue & Sentimental, as the title suggests, speak volumes about the smoky late-night feeling of the whole album. The sensuous voice of Quebec's tenor sax shine through a dense sequence of blues numbers and soulful ballads.

Track Listing:

  1. Blue and Sentimental
  2. Minor Impulse
  3. Don't Take Your Love from Me
  4. Blues for Charlie
  5. Like
  6. Count Every Star