Institute- Subordination

Institute- Subordination

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Label: Sacred Bones

Released 6/2/17

Since their first demo in 2013, the Austin expats in INSTITUTE have edged their raw anarcho punk blitz into something much more expansive and nuanced. 2014’s “Salt” EP marked the beginning of the band’s working relationship with Sacred Bones, and it explored longer, more experimental song forms. “Catharsis,” the band’s debut full-length, was another huge push forward, with a slightly cleaner production and some krautrock influence creeping in around the edges. “Subordination” sees them push themselves further out of genre, incorporating hard rock and glam and writing some of the most diverse material of their career.

Track Listing:

  1. Exhibitionism
  2. Only Child
  3. Prissy Things
  4. All This Pride
  5. Oil Money
  6. Human Law
  7. Too Dumb
  8. Good Ol' Boys
  9. Powerstation