Into It. Over It.- Figure
Into It. Over It.- Figure

Into It. Over It.- Figure

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Label: Triple Crown

Released 9/18/20

At the start of 2017, Evan Thomas Weiss wasn’t sure that he would make Figure, his upcoming fourth full-length record under namesake Into It. Over It. Built slowly and kindly with the help of his Chicago community, Figure is a commitment to do better and to be better, a love letter to stumbling and scraped knees, a field medic’s kit: knife and scalpel with stitches and bandaging, and something to cauterize the wounds.

Track Listing:

  1. They Built Our Bench Again In Palmer Square
  2.  Living Up To Let You Down
  3.  Hollow Halos
  4.  Perfect Penmanship
  5.  Courtesy Greetings
  6.  Breathing Patterns
  7.  A Left Turn At Best Intentions
  8.  Brushstrokes
  9. We Prefer Indoors
  10. Dressing Down // Addressing You
  11. A Lyric In My Head I Haven't Thought Of Yet
  12. A Light In The Trees