Jad Fair & Danielson & Kramer- Elegies

Jad Fair & Danielson & Kramer- Elegies

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Label: Shimmy Disc / Joyful Noise

Released 5/5/2023

In 2022, the pandemic seemed to be receding to the point where artists could work together again, literally side by side. So, as a kind of 'follow-up' to my Joyful Noise 2020 Artist-in-Residence box set, I revisited the notion of a limited-edition vinyl box celebrating the joys of collaboration. I thought about it for a good long while, and eventually, it felt good. I then put the idea under a microscope and found that it felt even better when I minimized the project to six 33 rpm EP's on 7" vinyl. The border less landscapes of audio art, tempered by the imaginations of the artists I chose to work with, then cast against the myriad infinities of mysteries betwixt those ageless, spinning rings...those rings that seem to sing, "..listen to us. RINGS OF SATURN won't change the world, but the words & music dervishing off these grooves accurately expresses the Love poured into the foundations beneath these Nocturnes (w/ Britta Phillips) and Psalms (w/ David Grubbs) and Preludes (w/ Eerie Wanda) and Elegies (w/ Jad Fair & Danielson)a n d Laments (w/ Paul Leary) and Hymns (w/Rob Crow). Working with others is my lifeblood. I am Nothing without them. TIME, with all its mysteries intact, and unfettered by borders, so that both the artists and the listeners can enter, in partnership, together. -Kramer, 2023

Track listing:

  1. Because You're You
  2. Story Time
  3. Don't Give Up
  4. In a Lonely Place