James Hunter Six- With Love

James Hunter Six- With Love

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Label: Daptone

Released 3/25/2022

 The James Hunter Six's latest offering, With Love: a heart-shaped collection of candle-lit ballads and love songs. Plucked like so many "he loves you" petals from the vast and sumptuous garden of his Daptone Recordings, these twelve lilting melodies have been selected and sequenced with great care, tenderness, and intention by Daptone staff for the solitary purpose of compiling some of the criminally overlooked treasures in the James Hunter Six's critically acclaimed catalog.

Track listing:

  1. Something's Calling
  2. I Don't Want to Be Without You
  3. Who's Fooling Who
  4. If I Only Knew
  5. Carina
  6. Take It As You Find It
  7. This Is Where We Came in
  8. Heartbreak
  9. It Was Gonna Be You
  10. Never
  11. He's Your Could Have Been
  12. MM-HMM