James & The Drifters- The Glow

James & The Drifters- The Glow

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Label: Neat Neat Neat

Released 2018

Over the course of several months of writing and spending weekends camped at Off The Cuff and working with Neat Neat Neat Records co-label head Morrison Agen, the Drifters built their most complex sonic world yet. Album opener "Dying Season" swirls and sways in soaring four-part harmonies and a sonically rich musical landscape that gives the song both modern sheen and dusty classicist leanings. A nod to the past and the future. "Stars" is yet another stellar mixture of pop majesty and Americana grit. Through all of the studio perfection there's still an air of small town nights and friends playing their hearts out in an old, dilapidated barn on the outskirts of Huntington County, Indiana. Lead single "Tides" is a perfect coming together of modern rock complexities with masterful pop leanings. A rhythm you fall right into, subtle keys, and the universal theme of love that needs a place to go, and grow.

Track listing:

  1. Dying Season
  2. Stars 
  3. Babylon 
  4. Lighten The Fall 
  5. Waterfall 
  6. Runaway 
  7. Tides 
  8. Higher 
  9. Other Side 
  10. All You Have For Me