Jarboe- Skin Blood Women Roses
Jarboe- Skin Blood Women Roses

Jarboe- Skin Blood Women Roses

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Label: Epic

Released 6/30/2023

Belgian Import

The World of Skin was a project springing out of the American group Swans, which was a collaboration between the core Swans members Michael Gira and Jarboe. The project was initially called Skin, with the first two albums being released under that name, the last one being released under the name the World of Skin. Blood, Women, Roses (1987) was the project's first release and featured vocals entirely by Jarboe, who had previously mainly been performing backing vocals. Many of the tracks on this album were covers of show tunes and other popular songs (for example "Cry Me a River" and "The Man I Love"). This classic release was made available again in Europe for Record Store Day 2022, now repressed on an orange/brown fusion colored wax and available in the States. For fans of: Swans, Michael Gira, Angels Of Light, Diamanda Galas

Track listing:

  1. One Thousand Years
  2. Cry Me A River
  3. We'll Fall Apart
  4. Still A Child
  5. Come Out
  6. The Man I Love
  7. Red Rose
  8. Blood On Your Hands