JD McPherson- Undivided Heart & Soul

JD McPherson- Undivided Heart & Soul

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Label: New West

Released 2017

Undivided Heart & Soul, produced by Dan Molad (Lucius) and McPherson, and developed largely in the studio (that studio being the historic RCA Studio B in Nashville), carries a sense of immediacy and irreverence.

Track listing:

  1. Desperate Love
  2. Crying's Just a Thing You Do
  3. Lucky Penny
  4. Hunting for Sugar
  5. On the Lips
  6. Undivided Heart & Soul
  7. Bloodhound Rock
  8. Style (Is a Losing Game)
  9. Jubilee
  10. Under the Spell of City Lights
  11. Let's Get Out of Here While We're Young