Jenn Champion- Single Rider
Jenn Champion- Single Rider

Jenn Champion- Single Rider

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Label: Hardly Art

Released 2018

Fans of JENN CHAMPION (formerly “S”) have praised her open-hearted lyrics, expertly-deployed melancholia, technical skill, and willingness to forgo conventions, but mostly they’ve praised her for making albums they could cry to. With the release of Cool Choices in 2014, CHAMPION made what many considered the best record of her career, and a lot of people cried to it. On Single Rider, CHAMPION brings with her all those skills and vulnerabilities, but it is not a record for wallowing: it is a record for intense eye contact on the dancefloor. CHAMPION wants her listeners to see that the rooms are all on fire and she has not given up. Taking a double “fuck you” approach to the world, to the patriarchy, all the things which screw you up and hold you back, she is dancing right on out of the disappointment apocalypse with her middle fingers in the air, and you can follow if you want to.

Track Listing:

  1. O.M.G. (I'm All Over It)
  2. Coming For You
  3. You Knew
  4. Holding On
  5. The Move
  6. Never Giving in
  7. Mainline
  8. Time To Regulate
  9. Bleed
  10. Hustle
  11. Going Nowhere