Jesuit- Discography

Jesuit- Discography

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Label: Dark Operative 

Released 2011, reissued 2021

Jesuit was a nefarious, mid-'90s, heavy band from Virginia Beach, VA, that released a small batch of demos, 7"s, and comp tracks while absolutely terrorizing and uprooting DIY hardcore shows around the country at the time. This release is a reissue of the band's entire discography, originally issued by Magic Bullet Records in 2011. The 2021 edition of the record features a new cover colorway, a translucent, hot pink LP, a clear 7" flexi with silver foil, and a giant fold-out poster that contains all lyrics, liner notes, and over 100 photos.

Track Listing: 

  • 1 Car Crash Lullaby
  • 2 Your Sharp Teeth
  • 3 Cop Glasses
  • 4 Hole in the Sky
  • 5 Servitude
  • 6 The Malady
  • 7 Suicide King
  • 8 Tranzor Z
  • 9 The Smooth Talking Son of a Bitch
  • 10 Trigger
  • 11 Canonize
  • 12 Expatriate