Joan of Arc- How Memory Works

Joan of Arc- How Memory Works

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Label: Jade Tree

Reissued 9/29/17, originally released 1998

On their second full-length, JOAN OF ARC have assembled a collection of songs which are unpredictable in structure and destination, yet consistently engaging and pleasurable. Restrained by no boundaries and ranging from acoustic to more ambient electronically driven pop, the songs are inventive and diverse, helping to constantly shape and redefine JOAN OF ARC's sound. Featuring members of CAP'N JAZZ. Now available again on vinyl for the first time since its initial release in 1998.

Track Listing:

  1. Honestly Now 0:48
  2. Gin & Platonic 3:32
  3. To've Had Two Of 3:07
  4. This Life Cumulative 3:41
  5. A Pale Orange 6:46
  6. White Out 3:50
  7. So Open; Hooray 4:23
  8. A Name 3:08
  9. Osmosis Doesn't Work 3:33
  10. God Bless America 2:22
  11. A Party Able Model Of 2:52