Joan Osborne- Trouble and Strife

Joan Osborne- Trouble and Strife

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Label: Womanly Hips

Released 9/18/20

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Joan Osborne is back with Trouble & Strife (Womanly Hips Records), her first album of original material in six years. Osborne self-produced the new collection and penned all ten songs, with two co-writes. Trouble & Strife finds the gifted vocalist offering a strong yet uplifting response to some of the socio-political issues plaguing our nation over the last several years. Osborne beautifully balances the weight of her messages with solace and optimism.

Track Listing:

  1. Take It Any Way I Can Get It
  2. What's That You Say
  3. Hands Off
  4. Never Get Tired (Of Loving You)
  5. 5 Trouble and Strife
  6. Whole Wide World
  7. Meat and Potatoes
  8. Boy Dontcha Know
  9. That Was a Lie
  10. Panama