Joe Chambers- Dance Kobina

Joe Chambers- Dance Kobina

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Label: Blue Note

Released 2/3/2023

Joe Chambers, Andres Vial and the Montreal-based musicians on the Dance Kobina have a shared interest in exploring the deep musical connection between jazz, Latin and African music. Vial's original composition Dance Kobina, draws specific inspiration from African-American, Brazilian, Argentinian and Central African music. Originally lacking a title, Chambers suggested Dance Kobina as the name for the piece because of its uplifting, dancing quality.

Track listing:

  1. This Is New
  2. Dance Kobina
  3. Ruth
  4. Caravanserai
  5. City of Saints
  6. Gazelle Suite
  7. Intermezzo
  8. Power To The People
  9. Moon Dance