Joel Ross- Who Are You?

Joel Ross- Who Are You?

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Label: Blue Note

Released 10/23/20

Joel Ross' follow-up to his widely acclaimed debut KingMaker, which made Best of 2019 lists in NPR Music, Rolling Stone, and more. The album was co-produced by Walter Smith III and features Ross' Good Vibes band with Immanuel Wilkins on alto saxophone, Jeremy Corren on piano, Kanoa Mendenhall on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums, plus harpist Brandee Younger on several tracks. "This record is a culmination of our maturing - as people, as a band, within the music - it's about figuring out who we are."

Track Listing:
  1. Dream
  2. Calling
  3. Home
  4. More?
  5. After the Rain
  6. Vartha
  7. Marshland
  8. Waiting on a Solemn Reminiscence
  9. King's Loop
  10. The Nurturer
  11. Gato's Gift
  12. When My Head Is Cold
  13. Harmonee
  14. Such Is Life
  15. 3/1/2002