John Grant- Pale Green Ghosts

John Grant- Pale Green Ghosts

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Label: Partisan

Released 2013

2013 sophomore solo album from the American singer/songwriter and former member of the Czars. After a breakthrough year that saw his exceptional solo debut Queen of Denmark win MOJO's Album of 2010 and countless other accolades, John Grant hasn't rested on his laurels but created a follow-up that underlines his uncanny and charismatic talents. Recorded in Iceland and featuring Sinead O'Connor on guest vocals, the brilliant Pale Green Ghosts adds sublime notes of dark, gleaming Electronica to the anticipated velveteen ballads, calling on all of Grant's influences and tastes, presenting an artist at the peak of his powers.

Track Listing:

  1. Pale Green Ghosts 6:04 
  2. Black Belt 4:19
  3. GMF 5:14
  4. Vietnam 5:28
  5. It Doesn't Matter To Him 6:26
  6. Why Don't You Love Me Anymore 6:11
  7. You Don't Have To 5:53
  8. Sensitive New Age Guy 4:41
  9. Ernest Borgnine 4:53
  10. I Hate This Town 4:04
  11. Glacier 7:36