Johnny Cash- Sings Songs that Made Him Famous

Johnny Cash- Sings Songs that Made Him Famous

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Label: Org Music

Released 1958, reissued 2015.

Originally released in 1958 on Sun Records, Johnny Cash's second album was a smash success, with singles such as ''I Walk The Line'', ''Guess Things Happen That Way'', and ''Ballad of a Teenage Queen'' shooting to the top of the charts and earning Cash a reputation as one of country's greatest songwriters and performers. Like Elvis, Johnny’s career started on Sun Records and the tracks he cut for the label are considered defining moments in both country and rock. The hits continued long after he left the label but the raw energy on these tracks were never equaled.

Track Listing:

  1. Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen 
  2.  There You Go
  3.  I Walk The Line
  4.  Don't Make Me Go
  5.  Guess Things Happen That Way 
  6.  Train Of Love
  7.  The Way Of A Woman In Love 
  8. Next In Line
  9. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 
  10. I Can't Help It 
  11. Home Of The Blues 
  12. Big River