Joyce Manor- Million Dollars to Kill Me

Joyce Manor- Million Dollars to Kill Me

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Label: Epitaph

Released 2018

Joyce Manor are back with a new album, entitled Million Dollars To Kill Me. Frontman Barry Johnson along with co-founding guitarist Chase Knobbe, new drummer Pat Ware-("Awesome new drummer," adds Johnson)-and longtime bassist Matt Ebert, wrote enough songs to fill a full-length, and then worked to get songs lifted from emails between Johnson and one of his musical hero Impossibles' guitarist/vocalist Rory Phillips, with whom he had been co-writing long distance, to match the ones written at full volume. ("Bedroom charm versus live rock band," Johnson explains.)

Track Listing:
  •  Disc 1 -
  • 1 Fighting Kangaroo
  • 2 Think I'm Still in Love with You
  • 3 Big Lie
  • 4 I'm Not the One
  • 5 Million Dollars to Kill Me
  • - Disc 2 -
  • 1 Silly Games
  • 2 Friends We Met Online
  • 3 Up the Punx
  • 4 Gone Tomorrow
  • 5 Wildflowers