Juliana Hatfield- Blood

Juliana Hatfield- Blood

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Label: American Laundromat

Released 5/14/2021

“Blood” is Juliana Hatfield's 19th solo studio album of originals, and a deep dive into the dark side. The album is a brutal and critical look at modern human psychology and behavior; at personal and societal sickness. “I think these songs are a reaction to how seriously and negatively a lot of people have been affected by the past four years,” says Juliana. “But it’s fun, musically. There’s a lot of playing around. I didn’t really have a plan when I started this project.”

Track listing:

  1. The Shame of Love
  2. Gorgon
  3. Nightmary
  4. Had a Dream
  5. Splinter
  6. Suck It Up
  7. Chunks
  8. Mouthful of Blood
  9. Dead Weight
  10. Torture