Kataklysm- Goliath

Kataklysm- Goliath

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Released 8/11/2023

For almost 3 decades, the US/French-Canadian based melodic death metal syndicate Kataklysm has delivered unapologetic waves of powerful sound across the entire globe. The new album, GOLIATH, staying true to it's name, is an aggressive and mean album that was a product of it's own unique obstacles. "There's a lot of anger but also a lot of darkness in this record, it reflects the current mood of the world" comments Maurizio Iacono. "GOLIATH is an album that searches deep into questioning things that are happening on a global scale and inside society itself, are you ok with everything you see?" Not many bands have achieved what Kataklysm has in the span of their long and rigorous career, but what truly makes them stand them apart from the masses is seeing the world through truthful eyes, and creating the perfect musical landscape to describe it. With this new album, Kataklysm gives an innocent but aggressive album in a time of such uncertainty.

Track listing:

  1. Dark Wings Of Deception
  2. Goliath
  3. Die As A King
  4. Bringer Of Vengeance
  5. Combustion
  6. From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead
  7. The Redeemer
  8. Heroes To Villains
  9. Gravestones & Coffins
  10. The Sacrifice For Truth