Kill Holiday- Somewhere Between the Wrong Is Right

Kill Holiday- Somewhere Between the Wrong Is Right

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Label: Revelation

Reissued 2016, originally released 1999

KILL HOLIDAY was formed in 1994 by Steven Andrew Miller (UNBROKEN), Robert Moran (UNBROKEN), Barry Kellman (AMENITY/HOUSE OF SUFFERING) and Oscar Paz (STATEMENT, IMPELl). Influenced by bands such as QUICKSAND and JAWBREAKER, KILL HOLIDAY set out to create music that was still heavy but emotionally charged at the same time. A four song e.p. on New Age Records titled "Monitor Dependency" was soon released Growing tired of the typical post hardcore sound, KILL HOLIDAY decided to draw from other musical influences that were always just as important as hardcore bands were.

Track Listing:

  1. Somewhere Between the Wrong Is Right
  2. Friday June 13th
  3. Someday You Will Lose and I Will Win
  4. This Is a Test
  5. You're Taking It Well
  6. Know Who Your Friends Are
  7. How Sure Are You
  8. Something Borrowed Something Blue
  9. A Drug I Haven't Done
  10. In Closing (Memorial Day)