Klaus Schulze- La Vie Electronique Vol. 1.2

Klaus Schulze- La Vie Electronique Vol. 1.2

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Label: One Way Static

Released: 2018

As both a solo artist and as a member of groups including TANGERINE DREAM and ASH RA TEMPLE, KLAUS SCHULZE emerged among the founding fathers of contemporary electronic music, his epic, meditative soundscapes a key influence on the subsequent rise of the new age aesthetic. SCHUZLE began his performing career during the 1960s, playing guitar, bass, and drums in a variety of local bands. By 1969, he was drumming in TANGERINE DREAM, appearing a year later on their debut LP, Electronic Meditation. The album was SCHULZE's lone effort with the group, however, as he soon co-founded ASH RA TEMPLE with Manuel Gottsching and Harmut Enke, debuting in 1971 with a self-titled record; again, however, the band format appeared to stifle SCHULZE, and he mounted a solo career a few months later.

Track listing:

  1. Frühlicht 3:29  
  2. Etude Pour Une Fin De Monde 10:06
  3. Bruitismus 9:59
  4. Die Kultpumpe 3:34
  5. Loch Im Meer 1:55
  6. Maschinenspiele 15:12
  7. Die Grüne Leiche 7:09
  8. Gesang Zur Dämmerung 12:47
  9. Study For Terry Riley 5:13
  10. Les Jockeys Camouflés 8:04