Knuckle Puck- 20 / 20

Knuckle Puck- 20 / 20

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Label: Rise

Released 9/18/20

Since forming in Chicago, IL's south suburbs a decade ago, Knuckle Puck has become one of the aggressive pop-punk genre's preeminent forces, thanks to a relatable lyrical approach and similarly engaging musical sensibilities - a blend that has filled venues around the world and the main stages of the Vans Warped Tour and Slam Dunk. Now, on their much-anticipated third album, "20/20," the band filter the same youthful, wide-eyed approach of their early material through the sonic evolutions they've explored since. All at once, "20/20" is both a look back and a step forward - and most importantly, it's an album that, at its core, urges listeners to live in the here and now.

Track Listing:

  1. 20/20
  2. Tune You Out
  3. Sidechain
  4. Earthquake
  5. RSVP
  6. Breathe (Feat. Derek Sanders)
  7. What Took You So Long?
  8. Into the Blue
  9. Green Eyes (Polarized)
  10. True North
  11. Miles Away