Krallice- Diotima

Krallice- Diotima

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Label: Gilead Media

Reissued 11/15/20, originally released 2011

2011 album from the Experimental Black Metal band. Formed by avant-garde shredder Mick Barr and technical guitar wizard Colin Marston as a means to explore a Black Metal terrain, the collaboration was intended to be a one-off side-project that would write and record a single album. However, with the success of their self-titled 2008 debut and the consolidation of their lineup for live shows, Krallice became a full-time functioning unit-not to mention a one-of-a-kind act in the Extreme Metal scene. The inspiration continued to flow and the group delivered their sophomore album little less than a year later to widespread critical acclaim. With Dimensional Bleedthrough, Krallice was on the verge of surpassing Barr's and Marston's other musical endeavors in the Progressive/Technical Metal arena.

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