Lark's Tongue / Men Of Fortune- Split

Lark's Tongue / Men Of Fortune- Split

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Label: Bird Dialect

Released 2012

LARK’S TONGUE digs alchemy, séance and amplification, a celestial marriage of harmony and distortion forged in the crucible of volume. MEN OF FORTUNE combines elemental rhythms with galactic riffs, the dizzyingly hot rock equivalent of stratospheric re-entry. Let the cosmic council now commence... a consciousness-expanding slice of wax available now on Bird Dialect.

Track listing:

  1. Lark's Tongue This Little Light Of Mine
  2. Lark's Tongue Black Sue
  3. Lark's Tongue Three Seals
  4. Men Of Fortune Fray Of Compassion
  5. Men Of Fortune Strange Decay
  6. Men Of Fortune The Strand
  7. Men Of Fortune Lord Of Time