Lauv- How I'm Feeling

Lauv- How I'm Feeling

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Label: Lauv/ AWAL

Released 3/6/20

the debut album from Lauv, the Platinum-certified independent singer, songwriter, producer, and pop visionary. Featuring hits including "I'm So Tired..." and "F***, I'm Lonely". As one of the most successful independent artists of the last decade, with over three billion streams to date and widespread acclaim from Rolling Stone to The New York Times, Lauv continues to shatter the mold of what a mainstream global pop star is.

Track Listing:

  1.  Drugs & the Internet
  2. F***, I'm Lonely
  3. Lonely Eyes
  4. Sims
  5. Believed
  6. Billy
  7. Feelings
  8. Canada
  9. For Now
  10. Mean It
  11. Tell My Mama
  12. Sweatpants
  13. Who
  14. I'm So Tired
  15. El Tejano
  16. Tattoos Together
  17. Changes
  18. Sad Forever
  19. Invisible Things
  20. Julia
  21. Modern Loneliness