Lee Ranaldo- Electric Trim

Lee Ranaldo- Electric Trim

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Label: Mute

Released 9/15/17

"Electric Trim" is the brand new studio album from founding member of SONIC YOUTH, LEE RANALDO, his first on Mute. Nine new songs recorded in collaboration with Barcelona producer Raul ‘Refree’ Fernandez in New York City and Barcelona between April 2015 and April 2016, with help from many of the players associated with Lee's recent music, and some new friends: The Dust - ALAN LICHT, STEVE SHELLEY & TIM LUNTZEL plus NELS CLINE, KID MILLIONS, and SHARON VAN ETTEN, who sings on 6 songs, including a duet with LEE on ‘Last Looks,'. The lyrics for six of the songs on the record were written in collaboration with American author Jonathan Lethem. Cover art by Richard Prince. This album extends the work of LEE's previous two ‘song’ albums and moves into some rich new sonic territories and production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside the live players.

Track Listing:

  1. Moroccan Mountains 7:29  
  2. Uncle Skeleton 5:19
  3. Let's Start Again 5:28
  4. Last Looks 6:28
  5. Circular (Right As Rain) 4:27
  6. Electric Trim 6:26
  7. Purloined 5:11
  8. Thrown Over The Wall 7:26
  9. New Thing 6:49