Les Séquelles- Tes Chansons Creuelles

Les Séquelles- Tes Chansons Creuelles

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Label: Dionysus

Released 2005

Pronounced Les Say-Kel, the quartet of Les Séquelles have been playing their nostalgia of French cocktail-jazz and '60s garage since their debut in 1995. Playing around their native of Montréal would follow for the next four years before Le Pick Up Records released their self-titled debut EP in 2000. A year later -- while additionally concentrating on their garage punk side projects of Les Macchabées and the Slot Machines -- Grenadine Records put out les Séquelles' first full-length, The Present & Future, the following year.

Track listing:

  1. Je Suis Un Minet
  2. Ma Petite Hypocrite
  3. Un Scotch Svp 
  4. La Voix Ferrer 
  5. Je Suis Comme Je Suis 
  6. Tes Chansons Cruelles 
  7. Gardez Vos Remontrances 
  8. Monsieur Le Son 
  9. Les Lolita 
  10. L'Un, L'Autre 
  11. Nympholie 
  12. Achetez Notre Disque