!!!- Let It Be Blue

!!!- Let It Be Blue

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Label: Warp

Released 5/6/2022

Igniting in 1994 as the emcee of Chicago's Chairmen of the Board. E.S.Q has been on a long journey of freedom. Moving from state to state, he has  left  long lasting musical impressions on various communities around the U.S. such as Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville FL, Bronx NY, and Southern New Jersey. E.S.Q has also been able to make an impact on the Underground Hip Hop scene globally through his 2004 tour of Seoul, Korea. In 2009, long time friend & music producer Paten Locke landed a deal with Tres Records out of LA and through this, E.S.Q. had the chance to meet and vibe out with CHIKARAMANGA of GIANT PANDA.  Not long after Patens departure, CHIKARAMANGA & E.S.Q. began to record what is now "The Succession". An album composed of raw beats, lyrics, and substance.

Track listing:

  1. Normal People
  2. A Little Bit (More)
  3. Storm Around The World
  4. Un Puente
  5. Here's What I Need To Know
  6. Panama Canal
  7. Man On The Moon
  8. Let It Be Blue
  9. It's Grey, It's Grey (It's Grey)
  10. Crazy Talk
  11. This Is Pop 2