Life Sentence- Life Sentence

Life Sentence- Life Sentence

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Label: Radiation Reissues

Reissued 2/11/2022, Originally released 1986

Italian Import

Radiation Records present a reissue of Life Sentence's self-titled album, originally released in 1986. Legendary Chicago hardcore punks Life Sentence began their self-titled debut in 1985 with vocalist/bassist Joe Losurdo, drummer Tom O'Connor, guitarist/vocalist Eric Brockman, and vocalist Ray Morris. Morris quit before the record was finished and the band became a trio with Losurdo taking over the lead vocals duties with occasional help from Brockman. Above O'Connor's pounding rolls, Losurdo's melodic bass lines and Brockman's scathing lead licks, Losurdo and Brockman spit furious lines about police harassment, the futility of war, unemployment, and other burning issues, as well as punk's commercialization; raw, raging, and excellently executed, this is first-rate US Midwest hardcore, influential in its day, and still blistering. Includes double-sided full color insert; white vinyl; edition of 500.

Track listing:

  1. Problems
  2. Race To Die
  3. Election Day
  4. Men In Blue
  5. Punks For Profit
  6. Peacetime Death
  7. Unemployment
  8. In The Streets
  9. Figured It Out
  10. Take A Stand