Lionel Richie- Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie- Lionel Richie

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Label: Motown

Reissued 12/8/17, originally released 10/6/82

After leaving the COMMODORES, LIONEL RICHIE became one of the most successful male solo artists of the '80s, arguably eclipsed during his 1981-1987 heyday only by MICHAEL JACKSON and PRINCE. RICHIE dominated the pop charts during that period with an incredible run of 13 consecutive Top Ten hits, five of them number ones. As his popularity skyrocketed, RICHIE moved farther away from his R&B origins and concentrated more on adult contemporary balladry, which had been one of his strengths even as part of the COMMODORES. After 1987, RICHIE fell silent, taking an extended break from recording and touring before beginning a comeback toward the tail end of the '90s.

Track Listing:

  1. Serves You Right 5:08
  2. Wandering Stranger 5:36
  3. Tell Me 5:28
  4. My Love 4:05
  5. Round and Round 4:48
  6. Truly 3:19
  7. You Are 5:03
  8. You Mean More to Me 3:01
  9. Just Put Some Love in Your Heart 1:21