Logic- Bobby Tarantino III

Logic- Bobby Tarantino III

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Label: Def Jam

Released 12/17/2021

Originally released digitally in celebration of the fifth anniversary of his first Bobby Tarantino mixtape, Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum artist Logic brings a new chapter on Bobby Tarantino III. Consisting of a 5-week campaign of Friday advance track releases including "Vaccine, " "Get Up, " "My Way, " and "Call Me."

Track listing:

  1. Introll
  2. Vaccine
  3. Get Up
  4. My Way
  5. Call Me
  6. Inside
  7. Flawless
  8. Stupid Skit
  9. Theme for the People
  10. God Might Judge
  11. See You Space Cowboy
  12. Untitled